3 Best Steps to Logout From Facebook on iPhone

Many times it happens that you are logged in to Facebook and suddenly, you realize that you are not or you lose focus on one thing and end up clicking a number of times on the lock icon, unable to get out of the Facebook situation. This is what is commonly known as " Logout of Facebook Messenger ."
How to Sign Out of Facebook messenger app?
  • Open your Facebook web app, do not open new message in the chat window yet but rather Facebook iOS app. Scroll down till you reach the Settings section and tap on the Privacy tab.
  • If you wish to have more security options like blocking certain apps, accessing certain information or viewing certain content, then these features won't be available on your iPhone. This is because Facebook has limited the access to certain features on its Facebook web app for its iOS and Android devices. Only the iOS device has an HTML5 compatible browser, and the Android devices support the native application but not the web version.
  •  After you have opened the Facebook web app on your iPhone and have signed in, you can click on "ikes," "friends," "videos," "teams" and so on. Once you are done with your social networking activity, you will be asked to switch off the iPhone. While you are in the procedure of turning off the iPhone, remember to click the "Settings" icon instead of the "Home" icon. By doing this, you will be able to enter your PIN.
  • Instead of clicking the "Settings" button on your mobile phone to turn off the Facebook application, you can simply touch a small red circle on your iPhone's display which is shown as a badge. Tap the "ios" button and then tap" Messages." You will see three dots after the words "OAuthain." Tap "use Facebook."
  • To sign out of Facebook on your mobile phone, follow the same procedure mentioned above. Tap "Settings" and tap "Account Settings." Once you are done with these steps, you will see three dots after the words "oauthain." Tap "use Facebook." On the following page, tap "Sign Out."
  • In step 3, you need to complete the setup procedure. It starts by installing the application through iTunes. You will see a logo on your iPhone's dock when it is connected to the device or if it is not working properly. When you want to sign out of your account, tap "Settings." Scroll down and tap "acs," and then tap "use Facebook."