Fix Wmiprvse.exe high usage in CPU windows 7

Wmipvrse.exe is a program that consumes the memory of the CPU by around 30% which later on directly affects the speed of our computer. This program also creates problems for the users like wmiprvse.exe high CPU windows 7. Here we have some solutions for you to fix the problem. 
Services Related to WMI Must be Rebooted
All the services that are related to the WMI provider host Windows 7 are required to be rebooted by pressing the Windows key + Command prompt together. 
Now you have to run the commands one by one and at last, you will have to restart your PC to save all the changes you just made. 
Scanning as well as Repairing the Corrupted Files of the System 
To fix the problem of wmiprvse.exe high CPU windows 7 you have to follow the steps given below;
  • Press Windows +X and Command prompt together and then click Yes if you see any UAC. 
  • Now, after running the command “SFC/scannow” run the second command to clean up the image restore health DISM/online/cleanup-image/restore health 
  • Once it is done restart your computer and check if the problem is resolved and if you are able to use it without any trouble or not.