How to Fix Headphones Not Showing Up in Playback Devices Issues on Windows 10?

The easiest way to fix the headphones not showing up in your playback devices is to first check your volume and sound settings. If they aren't listed, you may need to manually enable them. To do this, right-click on a blank area and select Show Disabled Devices. Then, right-click on the headphones and click Enable. After that, the headphones should be visible in your playback devices.
The first step to resolve this issue is to go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound. This will open the Audio Manager and show you the different types of audio devices connected to your computer. To fix this issue, simply enable stereo mix in the settings. Then, you should be able to hear your headphones playing music and listening to your favorite songs. To do this, you can also use the built-in Audio Troubleshooter in Windows 10.
Next, open the Audio Troubleshooter. This should be your first option if your headphones not showing up in the Playback Devices windows 10. If that doesn't work, then you should try updating your audio drivers. If this doesn't work, you may need to reinstall Windows to resolve this issue. Then, try the same procedure with your audio devices. If the issue persists, check the sound output settings again. If you still have trouble connecting headphones, check that your drivers are up to date and updated.
The next step is to check the hardware side of the problem. In this case, the headphones are not showing up in the playback devices list. You should try plugging them in another device or another USB audio port to see if they're faulty. If the headphones still do not show up in the playback devices list, you can always replace them with a working pair. If that doesn't work, you can try plugging them into an external device that supports a 3.5mm jack.
If you have trouble finding your headphones in Windows 10, you can restore the sound driver. You can enable the headphones by right-clicking on their name. Once you've done this, your headphones should be visible in the Playback Devices list. If you don't see them there, you'll have to activate them manually. Alternatively, you can try to manually activate the headset. If this doesn't work, check out your system's sound card drivers.
If these solutions do not work, you can try changing the default audio format on your computer. To do this, click the volume icon on your taskbar and choose "Sounds." From there, click the Playback Devices tab. Then, select "Enabled" in the list. After that, you can click on the Stereo Mix tab to confirm that your headphones are working properly. In some cases, the problem is a hardware issue, and you may have to contact a technician to fix it.