How to Logging out of Facebook Messenger

Facebook is such a technological giant and has been booming ever since. This media platform has been able to give people a social life to people online and has given people an opportunity to communicate with their colleagues and friends. It has many more features including messages, uploading photos, and now stories, also, it allows comments and likes on photos which is a great communicative feature. It has made many other branches of their app, in a way that they have a Facebook messenger that allows you to just message your friends. However, there are times when you cannot log in and users ask this quite often how do I log out of messenger. You can find the answer to how to log out of Facebook messenger. 
How to log out of Facebook Messenger in your Facebook App?
In this section, we will discuss how one can complete signing out of Facebook messenger. Follow these steps to resolve the issue.
  • First, go to the Facebook app on your smartphone.
  • Then you must click on the ‘More’ option which you might see on the right corner of your phone screen. It shows on the three-dotted lines, vertically.
  • Then you just have to go to the Settings and Privacy option on the app.
  • Perhaps scroll down and move to Security and then choose the Security and login option.
  • Now, in front of your screen, you’ll view the list of devices to which you have logged in.
  • Therefore, click on the Messenger option and select the Log out option.