How to Recover a Disabled Facebook Account?

What do you usually do when you wake in the morning? Check your phone for Facebook updates? What happens if you take your phone in your hands and the very first thing that appears on your screen is that your Facebook account has been disabled? Ah! It might be more gruesome than anything else, isn’t it? Stick to the end of this article to know how you can recover your disabled Facebook account.
How can I recover my disabled Facebook account?
In two ways your Facebook account can be disabled. The first is when you do it by yourself and the second is when Facebook disables your Facebook account for violating its terms and conditions or posting prohibited content through your account.
Get back your Facebook account
If you have disabled your Facebook account for some reason, you can restore it by a simple login. You just need to provide the correct login details and the account will be active again.
File an appeal requesting Facebook to enable your account again
You can file a Facebook account disabled appeal requesting Facebook has mistakenly disabled or blocked your account. For getting your account back, you need to visit the official page of Facebook or Facebook help page to access an application form regarding the account enable request. Once you get the form, feed in all your valid information, attach an ID proof, submit the form, answer all security questions, and provide all the account details. Once Facebook considers your application and gathers all the information you have provided, it will grant you access to your account again.
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