How to Solve Disabled Facebook Account Problem?

It must feel very annoying and irritating whenever you see your Facebook account disabled. Well, a facebook account can be disabled as easily as it was created, so don’t ever think or feel like I’m a king, and no one can disable my facebook account. 
Sometimes, users themselves disable their facebook account, they can reactivate anytime by logging in to their account.
However, in this article we will talk about the reasons why facebook can disable your account and how you can enable it. 
How to Enable a Facebook Account?
Enabling a facebook, more or so depends on the reason why your facebook account was dismissed, below are the reasons and solutions for that.
1) Posting Content that doesn’t follow Facebook Terms and Guidelines
  If you have been posting content that goes against facebook terms one too often, that facebook can disable your account. Accounts sharing content which promotes hate speech, racism, harassment, nudity, unsolicited messaging etc. too often gets disabled. Before disabling the account, facebook deletes the post/comment which promotes that. 
- Continuously posting the content which goes against facebook’s terms can lead to permanently disabled facebook account, so avoid repeating the same mistake.    
- If you believe facebook disabled your account by mistake, you can click the link and fill the review request  form.
- In the form fill in the details like login email id, account name and attach your photo id image.
- You need to send the review request form within 30 days since the account was disabled. After 30 days your request won’t be accepted and your account will be permanently disabled.
2) If the Account has been Disabled by the User
- If you yourself had disabled your account in the past and now you want to enable it, you can do that with ease.
- Visit the facebook sign in page or open facebook mobile app
- Enter the email address and password associated with your deactivated Facebook account
- Tap the blue login button to automatically reactivate your Facebook account and its previous settings